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Cornbread and Cremasse on the radio
January 13, 2013, 10:52 am
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Hey guys,

This is somewhat old news at this point, but I forgot to share with you that back in October I was the guest on an online radio show hosted by the Haitian AllStarz on I was asked to come on the show to talk about the Cornbread and Cremasse blog. What an honor that was!

It was a great time, and I wanted to share that interview (actually, the whole two hour show) with you. I hope you enjoy as I did.

To listen, click the following link:



my legacy?
June 18, 2012, 1:49 pm
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Do you ever think about what legacy you’d like to leave behind after you’re long gone? I mean really think about it. For several reasons these past couple weeks, that’s been on my mind, and so I’ve given it some serious thought.

Here’s what I came up with:

After I’m gone, I’d love for people to be able to pull out their scrapbooks and/or their box of mementoes and point out an ID Stationery invite that was perfectly and specially crafted just for their special occasion, and not only love the actual stationery, but also appreciate the process in which we worked together to come up with it. I’d love for that piece of stationery to conjure up happy moments well after the event is over.

I’d also love to have helped foster pride, knowledge and awareness in Haiti to members and supporters of the Haitian diaspora — especially first generation Haitian-Americans like myself, and their children. I hope that the Cornbread and Cremasse blog and Macaya will have aided in serving that purpose…or at least sparked the start of that for some people.

For as long as I could remember, I wanted to be a mom and have a family. I feel so lucky to have experienced love, marriage and partnership in my lifetime, as well as the gift of motherhood. I hope that the three children that God has sent to this earth through me will Find their passions in life and work hard at it so that they will not only be fulfilled in life, but so that they may also be assets to society and the world and people around them.

And finally, I would like people to remember me as a person who worked hard, played hard, loved hard and was kind to people.

So there…now you try it. I found this exercise to be rather useful and quite motivating. If this is to be my legacy, I need to continue doing all these things everyday. You should try it out for yourself, and see how it makes you feel.

hello march!
March 5, 2012, 11:59 pm
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happy new month! sorry i’m a day late with this post, but my sunday schedule got turned upside down.  i have a few ticks now, so thought i’d say hello, really quickly.

did you have a good february? i cannot believe how quickly february zipped by. i have no regrets though, i really have been making an effort to live my days/weeks with a purpose (on purpose), so i’m happy with the the past month…and i’m looking excited to be in march, my birthday month (yay for me!)

last week i finally finished up my personal home page. it now serves as a hub for all the things i’m working on. Check it out — what do you think? i also continued to increase the “like” count on the ID stationery fan page, and i even upgrade the layout to FB’s new timeline. i created a posting calendar for the fan page, so that i will post at least one update a day (now on a schedule) — to keep my “fans” engaged, and try to keep the business in the forefront of their minds (without randomly inundating them with posts). on mondays i will share feature a product and/or the inspiration behind it; on tuesdays i will share a social etiquette tip, on wednesdays i’ll feature a “did you know” about the business, on thursdays i will share a “how to” relating to social etiquette and on friday i will feature another product. looking forward to seeing how that goes.

did a new how-to video last week (i know, i’m on a roll).  this time i went over how to properly arrange a place setting (you know, for your dinner party/dinner guests).  if you need place setting pointers, feel free to check it out at

cornbread and cremasse is still doing  really well.  we are consistently growing our following.  the february giveaway went really well — we garnered about 100 new FB friends for that effort, and people seem really engaged by the blog posts.

i tightened up my pinterest business page (thanks to some angel-sent tips from a friend)…but i still need to do something to boose macaya sales.  i haven’t thought of that one quite yet, but that is in the forefront of my mind.

the kids are doing well.  my 2 year old daughter has been in “big girl” panties (read training underwear) for two weeks now — and she’s doing rather well!  i’m so excited at the prospect of buying/using less diapers (she still sleeps in diapers).  the boys are doing well too .  basketball is the new sport of choice in my house, so i’m dealing with a lot of indoor dribbling, children wanting to wear shorts and tank tops (“basketball uniforms”) in the middle of winter, etc.

how was your week?

Doing good
February 26, 2012, 12:00 pm
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This week seemed to zip by. In addition to the regular workload, I really went the extra mile and provided excellent customer service to several of my stationery clients. Although I always aim to do this, I felt like this there was particularly a lot of opportunities to provide exceptional customer service this week…and coincidentally, it falls in line with my desire to do more for others this lenten season. I’m so glad I was able to accommodate my clients in this way. I love that I can show them that I share in the belief that their project is important. The cherry on top of the cake is that I received a thank you note from the child of one of my clients thanking me for the work I did on their behalf about a month ago. I thought that was so sweet.

So I did quite a bit of stationery work, and did quite a bit of marketing. I made another YouTube video (this time demonstrating how to properly include enclosures with an invite or other correspondence) — you can check it out at Also, I continued to gain “likes” on the facebook fan page ( by simply asking people to “like” it — we’ve got over 200 likes to date. I’ve launched a facebook ad that should run for about a month…it’s only been live for 3 days, but i’m interested in seeing how well it does. I also created a Pinterest account ( I’m still populating my boards and trying to decide the best way to use it for business, but I do think it will prove to be useful. The cornbread and cremasse community continues to grow, and people still appear to be very engaged.

On a personal level, I cut off all my hair. I did it on Ash Wednesday as a way to kick off my Lenten season of “doing”. Not only does it represent for me a “starting over” of sorts, but I also donated my hair to Locks of Love, a non-profit charity that makes wigs for needy children who have lost their hair due to a medical condition. Although I am cutting back on sweets this Lenten season, I want my lenten focus not to be so much on “giving up” something, but primarily on doing good, and living my very best life. I will make an effort to do more for others and live a little more spiritually (increasing prayer time and meditation time).

How has your week been? What are your personal and professional plans for the next week/month/40 days?

Have a fabulous week!
Peace and love…

organizing the fan page
February 19, 2012, 3:27 pm
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this week was business as usual, sprinkled with a little valentine’s day love.

as usual, i’ve been  busy working on stationery projects, and have been continuing with the marketing of ID Stationery, and so far it’s been going well.  i am continuing to gain “likes” on the Facebook fan page ( which, at times, translates to new projects or even additional “likes”.  i’m hoping that my “likers” will continue to find the information on the page interesting and useful — and keep me in the forefront of their minds if/when they have stationery needs or know someone who does.  the Facebook fan page now focuses on three areas:  1) showcases some of my products, 2) shares social etiquette tips and 3) shares some of the inspiration behind a few of my designs.

i’ve been blogging again on the ID Stationery Inspiration blog (, and feeding that on the fan page as well to fulfill the “inspiration” category.

so i tried something new this week for the “etiquette” category:  an informational You Tube video!!  boy, was that an experience!  it was both exciting and nerve-racking.  one of the etiquette tips i wanted to discuss was how to properly stuff an envelope, because i think not only should one use lovely stationery, but that stationery should also be well presented to the recipient.  properly stuffing an envelope is not rocket science, but it’s one of those things that are easier shown than explained. so i set off to do a quick instructional video.  i thought it was a brilliant idea that would add a new dimension to the fan page and my stationery business as a whole.

i did quite a few takes, and was never totally satisfied with any of them.  in the end, i realized i was being way too hard on myself, and just blindly loaded the last video i recorded (luckily i set a deadline for myself, because otherwise i would probably still be redoing the video).  the information is good, but i found that it’s hard watching myself on video — i noticed every twitch, gesture, etc….and immediately thought i should do it over and fix that.  (why are we such harsh critics of ourselves?)  i’m already thinking of things i will do differently next time (smile more, look at the camera more directly, speak slower, etc.).  anyway — check it out for yourself and go forward stuffing envelopes properly!  the video can be found at   although i’m sort of lukewarm on the video — my kids LOVE it!  i’ve walked in on them a few times this week either with the ipad or on the computer just watching me explain how to properly stuff envelopes.  they will be excellent envelope stuffers (if they aren’t already).

the cornbread and cremasse blog family is growing rather nicely, and i couldn’t be more thrilled.  our february giveaway is a free macaya t-shirt  ( that will be awarded to the person who can refer the most friends to the Facebook arm of the blog.  Our membership has almost doubled so far — and there’s still a week left in february.  it’s really becoming the community i envisioned it would be, and people seem to be taking to it rather well.  members have been having dialogue on the topic of the week (last week’s topic was haitian cuisine) on our wall or on their respective walls, and i was even invited to an evening of haitian cooking by some people who had been discussing sharing haitian cuisine with their kids!!

on the mommy side of life, things are good.  the kids and i baked fun valentine cookies for their respective classes (and i made some cute heart shaped tags that read “baked with love by <my kid’s name> to <classmate’s name>”).  the perks of having a stationery designer mom!  they were fun to make and quite yummy to eat.  my 6 year old made valentine’s cards for everyone in the family — and i think we might have two card designers in the family. :o)

Ask and you shall receive
February 12, 2012, 11:45 am
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I’m happy to report that my voice is 98% back, and I’m feeling much better. I’ve been busy working as usual: worked on some fun stationery projects, started back blogging on ID Stationery Inspirations blog, and have been growing communities.

Our February giveaway on the Cornbread & Cremasse Facebook sight is a free Macaya (Haitian themed) t-shirt to the person who can refer the most “friends” to us. The contest is an effort to grow the Cornbread and Cremasse community, and it’s been working really well! Our friend list has grown 50% percent this week alone! The site continues to get lots of hits, and people really seem to be taking to it. If you’d like to join the Cornbread and Cremasse Facebook community, feel free to do so at

Last Sunday during a conversation, the person I was speaking to mentioned how he always tells people how important it is to use your network. That comment really stuck with me. It’s so true! I realized that I have a pretty decent sized network, and I was not maximizing it. So that became my focus this week.

One of the things I strive for is to be the person people think about when they need custom stationery. I want to be in the forefront of my network’s mind when it comes to stationery. One way I’ve started doing that is through the ID Stationery fan page on Facebook since people typically log on to Facebook daily. But to really achieve this I need to increase my “likes” (the number of people subscribed to receive information on ID Stationery).

At the beginning of the week I had a little over 100 “likes”, which is just a tiny percentage of my Facebook network. So I decided to reach out to people individually and ask them if they would consider “liking” my page. This simple idea worked really well! In addition to asking people to like (which the majority of people I asked, did), it was often a great opportunity to get in touch with people who I may have not spoken to in a while, it reminded them that I create stationery (sometimes, they even had a stationery need, and sometimes they had a friend who had a stationery need), and other times the person I reached out to would spread the word or help me to get more likes through their own network! The overwhelming support was very encouraging too! It was such a simple thing to do, and made a huge difference. I only emailed a few people a day (not at all exhausting my network) and I’m already at 150 likes! It’s amazing what you receive when you engage individually and simply ask!

I’m not exactly where I want to be with my businesses yet, but I feel very strongly that I’m doing a lot of the right things and am well on my way. I believe that everything happens in divine order, so I know I am where I should be in this moment.

If you’d like to see what ID Stationery is up to (and also get a few social etiquette tips here and there), please “like” our Facebook page too!

What achievements (big or small) have you made toward your goals this week?