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The 40th year
January 6, 2013, 11:10 am
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Happy New year!

I’m so excited about this year…not only because of all the fun projects that I know are in store for me, but also because I and many of my friends will be celebrating our 40th birthday this year. Because its a milestone birthday, lots of friends are having get togethers and parties or celebrating in some way — and it gives me an opportunity to see and catch up with old friends whom I probably wouldn’t have seen it this weren’t a milestone year for us.

Although for many logical reasons it shouldn’t, but it does surprises me to think that I, along with a ton of my classmates from all walks of life, will be 40 this year. I don’t dread it or anything, I’m actually looking forward to embracing it. It’s just that 40 seems so major when you say it, but it really feels the same as any other birthday to me — well, kind of the same.

It does make me think back on my life though, my accomplishments, my legacy, and I can honestly say that I’m quite happy. Of course, I’m always striving to improve, and there are some things I would have probably done differently if given a second chance, but overall, I’m happy with what I’ve done with my life and I have so much to be thankful for.

So this year I’m celebrating life — all of it — family, friends, work, love — I plan to take it all in, and enjoy myself.

Party over here!!!


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