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Guess who’s back?!
September 30, 2012, 10:48 am
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Hello!!! Remember me? So I ended up taking the summer off from this blog. I’m sorry, but the summer ended up being rather hectic with all three kids at home full time. My original plan was to keep them all home with me and we’d do fun day trips and they’d have the opportunity to hang out together, since during the school year they were not together for the majority of their days (two separate schools and my youngest was home with me)…well, that plan didn’t work out so well. My workload didn’t ease up, and it was close to impossible to manage work and entertain three small kids all day, everyday. So I decided i had to give up some things, and sadly, this blog was one of them.

But I’m back! I’ve finally gotten into a groove with this new school year, and life has become more manageable (and scheduled). Now all three of my kids are in school — the time I’ve been looking forward has finally arrived!! I really enjoyed being home with the kids when they were younger, but that chapter is over, and I am happily welcoming a new one. I can’t say that I miss a mommy and me class at all. I’m officially over that.

My 6 year old (soon-to-be 7 year old) is a proud 2nd grader, my 4 year old is in his last year of preschool and is already looking forward to graduation so that he can join his older brother in “the big school” next year, and my 2 year old is thrilled to also join the ranks and go to school like everyone else. Her transition from non-student to student has been great. She loves school, and the teachers and kids seem to love her back.

Although I had been looking forward to being an at home mom with no kids at home during school hours, I wasn’t 100% sure how I would feel when it actually happened. I thought that there was a possibility that I would miss having a kid around during the day…but I’m happy to report that it was all happiness (maybe because of the summer I’ve had, I don’t know). Not even bittersweet — all sweet! In fact, everyday I’m surprised how quickly 3 o’clock comes around.

I had so been looking forward to having a whole day to dedicate to working — and actually having time to focus on growing my businesses (particularly the stationery business) — and most importantly being able to work during the day so that I could sleep at night. That was the plan.

What is actually happening is that I AM getting lots of work done during the day…but I’ve realized that 9-3pm (although it’s more time than I had before), is not a full days work. I AM growing the business — my workload is increasing, but I’m finding that I still need more time! I still stay up late working (although there have been a few nights when I went to bed with the comfort of knowing I could finish something the next morning)…but I’m loving it, I really am.

So that’s my life right now. I’m still trying to figure out how to best maximize the school hours. I find that my days are spent working (designing and producing stationery), purchasing materials, and meeting with potential clients. I squeeze in a workout here and there…but I still feel like I need more time. I’m in the process of making a schedule that will help with that.

Come along for the ride as I try to figure this thing out…

It’s nice to be back πŸ™‚

Talk soon!! Tootles!


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I totally LOVE that you’re not “that” mom that cries when her kids are not around. I mean you appreciate your “alone” time. And i appreciate your honesty in saying that you basically did the electric slide as all of your kids entered school this year. Its not easy being a mom. I mean, its rewarding, but exhausting and those mommy and me classes can get old after a while. Lol! Well, welcome back! And i look forward to riding with you through this new chapter!

Comment by Rose

hi rose,

lol — i love your electric slide analogy! yes, i’m definitely over those mommy and me classes. i guess there’s a season for everything, because when i did participate, there was nothing i’d rather being doing. i respect and honor the fact that my kids are growing and changing — and so am i!

thanks so much for reading — and riding πŸ™‚

Comment by Ingrid

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